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Camella Sueno isn’t only in an ideal location, but Camella has also made sure it has the convenient and modern facilities and amenities to improve the residents’ quality of life. Camella has made it certain that the homeowners will enjoy living at the Sueno and keep them close to natural settings while also giving them access to modern amenities and facilities.

Being the most trusted in real estate development in the country, Camella keeps up with high standards by offering top quality products and services to its large customer base.   So aside from an affordable home to get at the Camella Sueno, you and your loved ones will also find it an appealing residence because of its wide range of features.

The community has wide road networks. Each home is also ready for telephone and cable TV installation. There is also ample water supply in the housing community as well as electrical source. The subdivision also has a gated entrance to keep you and your family safe from intruders and ill-minded individuals. Speaking of security, the housing also has a roving round-the-clock security to ensure peaceful and sound sleep of the residents and keep their belongings and cars safe from criminals.

All that you need is in the self-sustainable, harmonious community. It keeps you close to natural settings while also not discounting modern lifestyle features you’re looking for when finding a new real estate investment.  Camella ensures that you will find joy every waking day with your family and that you will have the energy to finish your tasks in workplaces close to the property’s location. Here, you can also meet new people and make friends of them and feel blessed in the process.

Camella Sueno has modern and sophisticated facilities offer you and your loved ones with pleasure and enjoyment! These facilities will help you create a strong bond among your friends and family members and be able to take them in the comfort of a well-planned and -maintained community.

The residential property has a large clubhouse. It is a place where residents can gather and enjoy parties, events and celebrations with their loved ones and neighbors. It is an interactive and social feature known of Camella when building communities. The clubhouse is large enough to accommodate a number of people for birthdays and weddings.

There are also parks and playgrounds in the residential community. These amenities add to the enjoyment for the residents that want to spend time with one another. During the weekends and days off from work or business, you can play with your children in the playgrounds, or read books or listen to music in the parks. 

If you’re into exercise, then these parks may also be convenient jogging paths for you. That said, you could perform your running or walking exercises even without traveling to nearby gyms and fitness centers. Other cool amenities and features of the Camella Sueno are a basketball court, 24-hour security, and function rooms.

Are you dreaming to live in a harmonious and peaceful community close to the metro and key places of interest? Chat with us about a housing unit at the Camella Sueno for you today!

  • Entrance Gate
  • Park and Playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • 24 hour security
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms
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